Personal Accident Insurance

In our live, many risk of accident can be happen to everybody even us. Unexpected accident could be happen too. A sudden fall at work, an assault on the street, a traffic accident.. These are some of the situations that are so much feared and from which no one is immune.

These events – and many others – can result in more or less serious damage, not only on the personal’s health but also on finances: hospitalization, purchase of drugs, sick leave, disability, etc. In short, costly and above all unforeseen expenses.

So, how do you preserve your health and how do you cover all of your costs?
The “Personal accident” insurance contract is the best answer.
What is Personal Accident Insurance?Is this an obligation?
What would I benefit from?
What risks are covered by this insurance?
What are the limits of the guarantees offered?
How to take out this insurance?
What information to provide?
What should you do in the event of a claim?

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

It is an insurance contract that is covering bodily injury and death caused by accident. The covered include finances through the accident i.e. hospitalization, purchase of drugs, etc depend covering on the policy.

Is this an obligation? What the benefit of Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal accident insurance is not compulsory insurance. It is a provident contract which aims to guarantee the payment of indemnities to the insured or his dependents, in the event that the latter is the victim of a bodily accident, both during his professional life and outside of it.

The services that can be provided under this contract correspond to the different situations in which the insured may find himself, following an accident, namely:

  • In the event of death:
  • A capital refer to the value of coverage will be paid to the designated beneficiaries, failing this, to the beneficiaries. In the event of permanent incapacity bodily injury (total or partial): The invalidity bodily injury in this case must be final. In both cases, total or partial the insured will receive the indemnity, paid in the form of capital, the rate of which is equivalent to that of the infirmity. Total permanent injury will be decided when incapacity reach 75% or more.
  • In case of temporary incapacity for work (ITT):
  • Following an accident, the insured may be called upon to temporarily interrupt his work and be deprived of any gain during this period. In this case, the insurer pays the insured the daily allowance provided, until his reinstatement (not exceeding 365 days).

    If the insured does not exercise any profession, the indemnity is paid in full for the time he is obliged to keep the room.

  • Medical, pharmaceutical and hospital costs:
  • Following a guaranteed accident, medical, pharmaceutical and honorarium costs are fully reimbursed, but within the limits set in the specific conditions.

    The reimbursement of medical, pharmaceutical and hospital costs under this contract cannot be combined with that paid by social security. In other words, the reimbursement of these costs will only supplement the sums possibly paid by social security [3].

    Important: The victim and his dependents, retain their right of recourse against the responsible third party except with regard to medical, pharmaceutical and hospital costs, since they are borne by the insurer .

    What risks are covered by this insurance?

    Accidents covered under this contract are those that occur in one of the following circumstances. The consequences of medical or surgical acts, following a covered accident; Accidents occurring while using and driving motor vehicles and pedal cycles; Accidents occurring in self-defence or attempted rescue of people in danger; Accident to the insured when he is transported as a passenger by any means of public passenger transport; Accident resulting from the practice of sports as an amateur Lightning accidents; Insect bites and animal bites. Other risks can be guaranteed. Examples: the practice of all sports on a professional basis, the driving of a motorcycle with a cylinder capacity greater than 50 cc, etc.

    Important: The following are not considered accidents:
    Surgical operations and their consequences of any kind;
    Preventive or cosmetic surgery;
    Spa treatments and heliotherapy;
    Pregnancy, miscarriages, childbirth and their aftermath;
    Apoplexy, sunstroke, hernia, lumbago

    What are the limits of the guarantees offered?

    Human souls cannot be valued in money, so how much is the desired coverage limit can still be, as long as the Insured is able to pay a premium. But in Personal Accident Insurance the guarantee limit can be judged by the Earning Power or Ability to produce owned, where the Earning Power or ability to produce every person will be different. In this case, the the guarantee limited to maximum 10 years Total income / income.

    How to take out this insurance? What information to provide?

    To provide the information of this insurance, call center insurance company, insurance agent or insurance broker will provide and explain all of information how to close the product include the rate of premium you should pay.

    What should you do in the event of a claim?

    In the case you have any accident, the claim should be informed to the insurance company as soon as possible. Supporting document will be needed to process your claim.