Home Insurance

What Is Home Insurance?

Home insurance offers cover intended to protect the family patrimony, whether it is housing or furniture, but also the occupants’ civil liability. In the event of a claim, and depending on the cover taken out, this contract provides partial or total reimbursement.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance covers:

  • Damage to property: premises for residential use, fences, retaining walls, outbuildings, veranda, garage, cellar, property development or share of common areas in a condominium.
  • Damage to people.Excluded: buildings under construction, plantations, garden sheds, external pipes, lighting installation, titles and securities, professional goods, the car. However, valuables are treated separately.

What Are The Guarantees ?

The main guarantees offered by a multi-risk home contract concern fire, water damage, glass breakage, freezing of pipes, natural disasters, theft or vandalism. Home insurance also offers an insured liability and privacy guarantee. It thus compensates for material or immaterial damage caused to third parties, neighbours or visitors.

Is Home Insurance Compulsory?

Owners, whether they are occupants or not, are not obliged to take out home insurance. Nevertheless, their responsibility will be engaged in the event of lack of maintenance at the origin of a disaster. The co-owners are obliged to insure themselves at least in civil liability.
Finally, it remains mandatory for tenants. Otherwise, he is liable to possible termination of the lease. Note that if the tenant has still not presented an insurance certificate one month after the signing of the lease, the owner can completely replace him and bill him!
Who should pay for home insurance?
The tenant signing the lease must of course pay his insurance policy. In the case of a property, it is recommended that the bare owner and the usufructuary pay together for the protection of the walls, their personal responsibility and the housing container.

What Price For Home Insurance?

The price of an insurance policy depends on a number of parameters:

  • the living area and the annexes,
  • the adjustment made,
  • the furniture,
  • the amount of the deductible,
  • optional guarantees.

That said, the average price on January 1, 2018 is 225 euros per year for an apartment and 370 euros for a house.

How To Take Out Home Insurance?

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You just have to answer a questionnaire online or at an insurer. No documentary evidence is required, but any false declaration will invalidate the contract. The questions relate to the status of the occupant, its location, the composition of the accommodation, the movable capital, the desired options …

How To Terminate A Home Insurance Contract?

The law provides for several cases to terminate a multi-risk housing contract:
Before the first expiry of the contract, i.e. two months before the anniversary date of its signature by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
After the first due date, at any time during the year, always recommended by AR. The contract ends one month after notification
Following a modification aggravating a risk, for example the arrival of a new occupant or a professional activity in the accommodation.


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