The best place to get souvenirs in Bali

Where to buy souvenirs in Bali?

Of all the islands in Indonesia, Bali is certainly the most artistic. Indeed, the Balinese have a great passion for crafts and art in general. Spending your holidays on the island, you will be amazed by the many local products that amaze the view but also the touch: wooden sculptures, jewelry of all kinds, multicolored canvases, etc. Do you want to know where to buy these to make gifts for your loved ones and / or for yourself? In this article, find the best places to get souvenirs in Bali .

Ubud market: for art lovers

Ubud market is located near the temple of Saren , opposite the dance hall. This is surely one of the most famous markets on the island of the Gods for offering quality souvenirs at good prices. You can find a wide range of art objects for all tastes and budgets: wooden statuettes, paintings representative of the daily life of Balinese or Hindu beliefs, decorations made of wicker, etc. The small downside regarding the Ubud market is at the level of the prices of items which are a little higher than elsewhere. However, the value for money is satisfactory given the strength and beauty of the goods. Besides, you can always negotiate before taking an object that you like.

Kuta shopping centers: for fashion enthusiasts

Kuta is not only famous for its heavenly beaches and surf spots; it is also famous for its shopping centers erected near the sea. If you are looking for original gifts for your fashion-minded friends, shopping in these is ideal. They offer a wide choice of designer clothes , but also traditional clothes made in linen, silk, or cotton. With them, you can treat yourself to the famous sarongs, distributed in several models and colors; but also magnificent tunics that will undoubtedly please your loved ones. Here, the prices displayed on the labels are fixed; however, they are available to all budgets.

Sukawati market: to buy traditional clothes

The Sukawati market is located in Gianyar, in the direction of Ubud. Like the Ubud market , it is a good place to pay for art objects of all kinds without breaking the bank. But apart from that, the place is renowned for its merchants who sell quality traditional outfits . The choice is vast in terms of cuts and colors; and the fabrics are both robust and upscale. In this market, it is also possible for you to buy different original clothing accessories that are handmade: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. Here, the prices of the items are very affordable.

The village of Celuk: for jewelry enthusiasts

It is in the Sukawati district , Gianyar that the village of Celuk is located. He is known worldwide for his high-end gold and silver jewelry. The craftsmen who make them are very skillful with their hands and produce quality items that meet everyone’s needs and budget.Whether you want to buy a ring, a bracelet, or a necklace, they will meet all your needs. In addition, they are able to make you a unique and fully personalized piece of jewelry if you have specific requests. You will be blown away by their attention to detail and their professional thoroughness. And the most? They are also open to price negotiations! What could be better ?

Krisna: for last minute purchases

Krisna is a souvenir shop where you can find everything. It has two subsidiaries: one is located in Kuta, on Sunset Road; the other is near the airport in Tuban. This second store is the most interesting to see, especially if you are about to return and need to buy last-minute souvenirs. On the Krisna shelves , you will see a wide range of items perfect for young and old: sarongs, kites, traditional masks, Balinese and Indonesian food products, wicker bags, art objects, handcrafted jewelry, etc. The prices of the goods are fixed at the brand. However, they are not expensive in the sense that they compete with the high prices offered by street vendors.