five cities to discover by train from Jakarta

Five cities to discover by train from Jakarta

The train can be a nice way to travel on Java. They are comfortable, air conditioned and the price of tickets is relatively inexpensive. We offer five destinations from Jakarta, the trains all leave from Gambir station located in Menteng.


Located 220 km from Jakarta it will take you 3 hours to get to this small provincial town. By leaving early in the morning you can go back and forth during the day. One of mainly destination in Cirebon is the Trusmi district. Batik is at the center of this district. Cirebon batik is recognizable by its cloud-like patterns called Mengamendung. You can stroll along the small streets, visit workshops, adjoining shops and stock up on batik.

To go a little further, you can visit the old palace of Kasepuhan which has a certain charm and also discover the rattan workshops around Cirebon as in the village of Galamantro.

On the practical side: arrived at Cirebon station take a taxi to go to the Trusmi district and give him an appointment for the return.


It is certainly faster to get to Bandung by train, the journey will only take you 3 hours while in the car it is more random. Bandung is nicknamed little Paris. Located high, you can breathe a little better, its art deco buildings, its museum of the conference of non-aligned countries are among the essentials. Being able to discover a volcano in activity and easy to access, it is also possible by going to Tangkuban Perahu, located about thirty kilometers from Bandung.

Spend a night in Bandung is pleasant, many hotels in town or just outside offer very interesting formulas.


A six-hour journey will take you to discover Semarang nicknamed Little Holland. The old colonial buildings are fairly well renovated. We can only invite you to discover the Lawang Sewu Palace or the Palace of a Thousand Doors, the Blendug Church built 250 years ago, the Chinatown and its Tay Kak Sye temple, the old port and an artisanal Kretek factory.

You can extend your trip by taking the train, direction Pekalongan, another batik capital or rent a car to go to the heights of Salatiga, small town where Rimbaud stayed during his short stay in Indonesia as a Dutch soldier. And continue further to visit the Hindu temples of Gedong Songo (VIII – IXth S.).


From Jakarta the journey to Surabaya will take you 11h. You will be able to discover the history of Kretek, the cigarette with cloves through the Sampoerna museum, the Arab quarter, its Suci Ampel bazaar which leads to the Ampel mosque, the Chinese quarter, the red bridge emblem of the battle against the occupying Japanese in 1945, the colorful Pabean market and then take a break at the Majapahit hotel.

To extend the stay, you can hire a car to explore the site of Trowulan, capital of the former Majapahit kingdom (1293-1527).


A seven-hour drive will take you to the heart of Yogyakarta. Not to be missed is the Sultan’s Palace, which can be visited only in the morning, the royal baths, the market, the puppet manufacturers, a rickshaw ride in the city. And then of course a visit to the temples of Prambanan and Borobudur.

How to buy your train ticket:

The Traveloka online sites, offer the sale of train tickets, it is also possible to buy your tickets in convenience stores  like Indomaret. A receipt is provided, you must go to the station 20 minutes before departure to collect your ticket at the counter. We advise you to take the Executive class, equivalent of the first class, you will appreciate the particularly pleasant space for long journeys.