Where you go to Rafting in Indonesia?

The Indonesian archipelago has a vast and very rich geography. Volcanoes, mountains, beaches, plains, rivers and jungles help shape the exotic landscapes of Indonesia. Between rafting, canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling and diving, nautical activities abound and adventurers and sports enthusiasts will always find their happiness!

On Bali, most travelers descend the Ayung river, suitable for rafting with friends or family. Located in the Ubud region, it is indeed the largest river on the Island of the Gods. Extending for almost 70 km, it offers many rapids, ideal for rafting. She finishes her race in Sanur. The Ayung River flows through mountains and jungle, offering an interesting tropical setting, as well as a variety of flora and fauna. Do not hesitate to open your eyes and admire the animals that live around the river! Maybe you will get a chance to spot iguanas or monkeys?

Other travelers are heading more towards the Telaga Waja river in Ubud. It takes its sources at Mont Abang and crosses the region around the village of Rendang. Slightly less touristy than the Ayung River, it nonetheless offers a pleasant and positive experience. The water is clear and the view along the river is worth the detour.

There are also rafting circuits on the other Indonesian islands. For example, the Aceh region of North Sumatra hosts the Alas River. Whitewater rafting enthusiasts will be delighted to go there. They will enjoy the crossing through the Mont Leuser National Park. Excursions lasting several days may in particular be offered. Note that some descents are more aimed at experienced adventurers.

In the Yogyakarta region of central Java, the Progo River is also suitable for rafting. Located not far from the temple of Borobudur, it ends up joining the Elo river. If you are traveling with your family, be aware that the routes remain accessible to children. The Citarik River near Mount Halimum National Park, west of Java also hosts some rafting tours.

North of Sulawesi, not far from Manado, the Nimanga river is proving to be a major challenge for those accustomed to rafting. Passing through a few traditional villages and leading to several waterfalls, it is a popular destination in the region. Still in the Minahasa region, let’s add the Ranoyapo and Sawangan rivers to the list. The currents are strong there and they are therefore more offered to experienced people.

How to speak of rivers and streams without thinking of Kalimantan? This Indonesian region of Borneo Island is home to a large number of streams and rivers, each winding between the wild jungles that cover most of the territory. The Lamandau River in the center of Kalimantan offers powerful rapids promising an unforgettable experience. It stretches for about 300 km and crosses the lands of the Dayak people and the Lamandau reserve, dedicated to the protection of orangutans in Borneo.

Ask before each activity to be sure that the course meets your expectations. The descents are generally accessible to as many people as possible and the safety instructions are clearly explained before departure. Rafting agencies provide the necessary equipment to all participants. An accompanist supervises the groups in particular to guide them and ensure safety.