The smoothie, good or bad for health?

Who does not like to enjoy a smoothie for an instant guaranteed freshness? Yes, we like it for its fruity and “healthy” side. But the smoothie is not, in reality, the innocent drink that is believed. Worse, it would even be harmful to health. The smoothie is a bit of the benchmark drink when you want to quench your thirst without the calories that go with most sugary drinks. But according to a study by two American scientists relayed in The Guardian, drinking a smoothie would not only be harmful to health but also more harmful than Coca-cola.

The problem ? The high fructose content present in this fruit mix. According to the researchers, the smoothie would indeed contain the sugar equivalent of six oranges or a glass of light Coca-Cola (just that).

So we forgot about the smoothie if we watch her line. And while we are at it, we have put together a list of false friends for slimming:

The 10 beasts of thinness:

1 | Sushi  we recently learned that these small Japanese rolls were as high in calories as a Big Mac, or even more (290 to 350 calories). Of course, the quality of the nutritional intake is much better in the case of sushi: low in fat, sushi provides protein, carbohydrates and fiber. Add to this that they are rich in Omega 3, good for physical and mental condition and to protect against cardiovascular diseases. However, if we stick to calories, it is better to pass.

2 | Coca-Cola Light it is the aspartame contained in the American drink which is the # 1 nutritional enemy. This sweetener is perhaps 60 times less caloric than sugar but it whets the appetite and thus promotes snacking.

3 | Balsamic vinegar it is often used in our salads, but this condiment is actually not a friend because it is very sweet.

4 | The pan-fried frozen vegetables  OK, it saves us the step of peeling and other cutting into small pieces but it contains a lot of fat. Much more than if you take care of the seasoning yourself.

5 | Yogurt  with 0% fat: be careful! It is guaranteed without fat, of course, but not necessarily without sugar (s). It is therefore potentially more caloric than conventional yogurt.

6 | The mixed salad  yes the salad itself is low in calories but the ingredients that accompany it are a little less. Beware of eggs, bacon, avocados and seasonings.

7 | Olive oil  it is a good oil for health but it is nonetheless an oil with 900 calories per 100 grams.

8 | Compote it contains fruit AND especially a plethora of sugars. Prefer fruit purées which are without added sugar.

9 | The vitamin drink it is the most deceitful since it can contain between 35 and 140 calories per bottle. Long live the water, the real one.

10| Sliced ​​bread  More caloric than conventional bread, it is rich in fats and sugars.

>> Fortunately, there are solutions for eating and even for snacking without leaving your skin!

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