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Breakfast is a meal, a real one! It is part of our three main meals and fully contributes to a balanced diet. Have you been fasting since the previous evening? It is therefore time to recharge the batteries, even if it is not always easy to balance your breakfast, especially with your daily constraints.

Are you short on time? Wondering what your breakfast should consist of? Can’t live without it, or have you never had breakfast in your life? We give you our tips, original ideas and solutions to improve your morning routine!


The beverage

Above all, it is essential to rehydrate your body and compensate for the losses after your night’s sleep. Even if you don’t eat breakfast, take at least the time to rehydrate yourself.

A large glass of hot or cold water, a tea or herbal tea, a bowl of coffee or a glass of 100% pure juice. Choose one or more drinks to compose your breakfast.

A portion of starchy food

Starchy foods provide you with complex carbohydrates. They are ideal for replenishing energy. It is best to choose carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. The glycemic index or GI gives the ability of a food to raise blood sugar. The benchmark glycemic index is glucose, which is 100. A glycemic index of 50, for example, means that the rise in blood sugar is 50% compared to that of glucose. Foods with a low glycemic index will spread the insulin response over time, and will not cause a sudden spike in your blood sugar. Simply put, you’ll be hungry later in the morning. Several factors influence the glycemic index: the presence of fiber, simple sugar, lipids, the level of refinement of the product, etc.

For example :

– White bread has a high glycemic index.

– Wholemeal bread has a low glycemic index because it is rich in fiber.

– Sweet industrial cereals have a high glycemic index compared to oatmeal.

In order to properly compose your breakfast, add wholemeal bread, cereals or a cookie for example.

full breakfast ideas

Beware of industrial products often too rich in simple sugars and saturated fats. These products do not meet your needs after a good night’s sleep. Prefer unrefined, homemade or natural products.

A dairy product

Rich in calcium and protein, dairy products help strengthen your bones and maintain your muscle mass. Yoghurt, fromage blanc, cheese, cheese, etc.

Choose and vary the pleasures, because each dairy product does not provide you with the same nutrients.

A portion of fruit

Raw or cooked, try adding a serving of seasonal fruit to your breakfast. They provide you with essential vitamins and minerals. Raw fruits are a great source of vitamin C, which is essential for energizing and waking up your body. A portion of fruit can be replaced by a compote, a fresh fruit juice or a smoothie for example.


If you have never managed to swallow anything or if breakfast makes you nauseous, do not force yourself! Do not panic, even if this meal contributes to our nutritional balance, you just have to shift it. In this case, to avoid cravings in the morning, plan a small snack when your stomach is “awake”: a fruit with milk, and a drink.

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