Transportation in Jakarta

As a metropolitan, Jakarta people are very busy, every day people go to work, go out, etc. Being the seventh most congested city in the world, it is not always easy to navigate the streets, but do not worry, the city has an efficient and modern transport network. Here are the options available to you each day.

Cars in Jakarta

The prices of cars and gas are affordable in Jakarta, so if you are tempted to have your own vehicle, take into account the traffic problems of the city. To summarize, unless it is a real necessity, avoid driving a four-wheeler in Jakarta. As a result, the motorcycle is a good alternative and will allow you to squeeze through unsustainable traffic during rush hour.

The bus by Transjakarta

Transjakarta is an express bus system (BRT) in operation since 2004. It is a reliable and comfortable means of transport, serving 15 main lines, including seven, 24 hours a day. Count 3,500 IDR (about $ 0.27 ) for a trip.

Please note, Transjakarta buses can be very crowded at peak times and the wait can take between 10 and 20 minutes due to traffic jams. Despite everything, Transjakarta remains a reliable transport option.

Book a car with driver in Jakarta online

This type of service, similar to Uber and Lyft, is ideal for having a vehicle with a driver. To benefit from this, you can use mobile applications, of which Gojek and Grab are the most popular and also allow you to book a motorbike taxi. Naturally, the car costs more and the travel time is a little longer than the motorcycle.

Count at least 10,000 IDR (almost $ 1) for the first 4 kilometers, but prices can fluctuate during the day to reach their maximum during peak hours.

Note that these apps offer other services, such as delivery of food, packages, groceries, medicine, cleaning on demand, vehicle repair, and even a massage service at home.


Jakarta now has a new, faster public transportation system. Officially opened to the public in 2019, it is the first metro network in Indonesia that currently serves 13 stations, from Lebak Bulus to Bundaran HI.

Despite its limits, the MRT remains an interesting means of transport, if your destination is near one of its 13 stations. The MRT in Jakarta is modern and convenient, with trains every 5 minutes. He makes nearly 300 trips a day, from 5 am to midnight. Thus, although the new MRT is not the most complete transport network available to Jakarta, it nevertheless remains fast and reliable.

Take the taxi in Jakarta

Taxis are convenient, although much more expensive than the Transjakarta or a regular bus. You can hail a taxi anywhere in the city or order one in advance to make sure you arrive on time.

Bluebird is the most popular and reliable taxi company in Jakarta whose cars, painted in light blue.

For pleasant and reasonably priced taxi journeys, make sure the driver activates the counter. Avoid negotiating fares, as drivers generally charge foreigners a higher fixed price. It is also recommended to activate Google Maps and search for routes to your destination. So you can always choose the shortest and least crowded route possible. The app will also warn you if the driver is moving away from the road.

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