Reopened, Hotels in Yogyakarta Strictly Implement New Normal Protocol

A number of provinces in Indonesia are no exception Yogyakarta Special Region is preparing to reopen the tourism industry gradually by implementing new trends called new normal. New normal is a designation for the new order of life lived by the people during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to implementing health protocols and the new normal order for guests, all employees who work in hotels must also understand Covid-19. Hotels are required to provide facilities and infrastructure to support health protocols for guests and all employees who work at the hotel.

According to its Public Relation Ibis Style Hotel Yogyakarta, Tiffany Hana stated that Ibis Style ready to New Normal complying with the health protocol established by the Yogyakarta Tourism Office and the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association.

Tiffany said that every guest who will check in and enter the hotel area is required to wear a mask, check his body temperature, and use a hand sanitizer first, in addition to showing a health certificate from a doctor stating that he is free from influenza symptoms, coughing, runny nose including body temperature information and blood pressure.

Hand sanitizers have also been prepared in front of the elevator for guest use at any time. Limitation of the number of people in the elevator and the boundary line on the elevator floor so that people keep their distance.

Other hotel facilities such as rooms and meeting rooms that are more often used by guests also apply stricter health protocols because they are used interchangeably by other guests.

When guests finish using the room or meeting room, they are always sprayed with disinfectant to keep it sterile. Arranging meeting rooms also by implementing physical distancing and will be limited by the number of people.

“We strive to provide maximum comfort and safety for guests. All employees also apply the same protocol and are equipped with PPE standards. So, guests do not need to worry during their stay, ” she said.

Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association also set a rule about prohibition on spitting up for guests who do activities in the pool area. Beside that the swimming pool capacity will be limited according to the area of ​​the pool. For example, a swimming pool with an area of ​​7 to 8 meters can only be enjoyed by 5 people so that guests continue to apply social distance while in the hotel area.

In this new normal implementation, interaction between hotel staff and guests will also be reduced. For breakfast services are no longer provided in a buffet, but delivered directly to the guest room. Not only that, in terms of payments will also be converted into non-cash payments.

Not only the rules above must be obeyed, the use of rooms between one guest also may not be contiguous. In addition, the hotel will provide a gap between rooms and one guest varies between 2 to 7 days.

And the most important thing, if when a guest enters the hotel his body temperature exceeds 37 degrees, the hotel should immediately refer guests to the nearest hospital.