Coexistence with Covid-19 has now become a reality that inevitably has to be faced by the people of Indonesia. This decision was forced to be the last choice when the positive case of the corona virus did not go down, while the national economy itself still had to rise.

Since the transition from social restrictions to new normal was implemented, almost all activities began to run as usual. The employees are already working from the office again, the mall and shopping center reopened, but for schools and colleges, teaching and learning activities are still carried out online from home.

Then, is it possible for children to return to school in the new normal era which incidentally almost all cities are still not free from the Covid-19 pandemic?


The Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture is now preparing to reopen school activities in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic starting in July or the start of the new school year 2020/2021. The plan, schools will be gradually opened. Starting from the level of junior high school-equivalent, followed by the elementary level-equivalent two months later, and the level of PAUD-equivalent four months later.

Scheme of teaching and learning activities have also been prepared during the application of this new normal. According to Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim, only schools in the green zone are allowed to hold face-to-face teaching and learning activities, even that with strict health protocols.

Referring to national data, there are only about 6 percent of students in the green zone. While the other 94 percent is spread in the red, orange and yellow zones. If it turns out that the green zone has changed to a yellow, orange, or red zone, face-to-face teaching and learning activities must be stopped.


Working, teaching and learning activities face to face certainly cannot be left too long. Like it or not to be active and productive again, children must return to school. Even this can affect their achievement, considering that not all home environments can be said to be conducive to home schooling.

Then, how should parents behave so that children can live a new normal life at school, while avoiding corona virus exposure?

Summarizing the various sources, here are 5 tips for safe schooling in the midst of the pandemic that parents can apply to children:

1. Give an idea of ​​what the new normal era looks like

First, give an idea of ​​what the new normal era is like. New normal is a condition where activities continue as usual, including school, but that does not mean the corona virus has subsided. Parents need to give an idea to children so that they remain alert when they return to school. In addition, for children entering new levels of education, also provide an overview of the new environment. Like from elementary to junior high, what are the things that differentiate? In terms of subjects, there are some new additions such as Physics or Economics. Also reassure children that they will be able to adjust and live everything smoothly.

2. Remind again the danger of corona virus

Outbreaks of the corona virus will certainly have an unpleasant effect on the lives of children, especially when going to school in the new normal era. Before that, parents need to give more understanding to children about the dangers of the corona virus. A good understanding will certainly not make the child afraid, but more alert to the new environment. We can educate children about what can and should not be done if entering school while the corona virus pandemic is still ongoing.

3. Teach and familiarize children with health protocols

This new school year is very different from before. Children are required to return to school even though the pandemic has not yet ended. Under these conditions, of course parents must familiarize children with health protocols even if the area is in the green zone. Well, health protocols that must be obeyed while in school include:                                          • Wear a mask                                                                                                                                                                                     • Always carry a hand sanitiser in a uniform pocket to avoid oblivion.                                                  • Wash your hands diligently with soap provided in the school environment.                                 • Keeping distance with friends when at school.                                                                                               • Bring supplies or snacks from home to make it more hygienic.                                                           • Avoid shaking hands with all school members.                                                                                          • Avoid contact with people in the school environment who look ill.                                                        • Not sharing or sharing food and drinks with friends.

4. Practice the discipline

Learning at home while making it difficult for children to adapt to school routines if the new school year has arrived. This is the duty of parents to equip their children to be more disciplined, and not feel awkward to enter their new environment. Children must be discipline to get used to rearranging their lives as usual. Discipline can be done starting from sleeping not too late at night, getting up early, eating breakfast, preparing school needs, and so forth.

5. No need to worry too much

Excessive parental anxiety can make children afraid to face this situation. It is natural that feelings of anxiety arise when having to release a child in a new environment in a pandemic situation like now. However, we also need to think about the impact on children. Parental anxiety can make a child feel uncomfortable, he will later feel insecure and anxious because affected by the attitude of his parents. Therefore, avoid excessive anxiety because instead of being a solution, it will make the situation worse.

That’s like the preparation that must be done when the child enters school in the new normal era. When parents have provided enough education about how to deal with the new environment during this pandemic, afterwards enough to trust everything that has been taught to the child. In addition to the above, always communicate with the person in charge and the teacher at the school to monitor the condition of the surrounding environment.