Visit Komodo Island: Tips when Komodo dragons are chasing you

Visit Komodo Island: Tips when Komodo dragons are chasing you

Visit and see the komodo dragons in the Komodo National Park area, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, they are really live freely. Tourists who visit Komodo and Rinca Island can see the dragons directly without the cage barrier. Rinca Island and Komodo Island are included in Komodo National Park and become “home” for the Komodo dragons.

Therefore, tourists need to be careful when visiting Komodo National Park, especially considering that Komodo dragons are wild animals and cannibals. Komodo dragons have bad eyesight. However, his hearing and smell are very sharp.

Previously, the ranger or forest police will briefly explain about the Komodo dragon and the rules that tourists must obey. After that, tourists can choose the desired trekking distance. It can be short, medium or long distance. Here are some things to consider when traveling to Komodo National Park.

Tips visiting Komodo National Park

  • Walk in groups when you visit and see Komodo dragon

When trekking, stay in a group because Komodo dragons attack lone prey.

  • “Ranger” as a guide.

Do not stay away from the ranger who acts as a guide. Rangers are experienced in dealing with Komodo dragons. Generally, rangers are equipped with wooden sticks with forked ends. This stick serves to repel the dragons.

  • Don’t make sudden movements.

Komodo dragons are usually calm when humans pass by, as long as they are not disturbed. One of them is sudden movement. Therefore, do not run. The reason is, this movement can actually make the dragons chase you.

  • If chased by a komodo?

Run in a zigzag. Komodo can not run in a zigzag, and it will be difficult to turn. However, do not underestimate the speed of dragons. It can run 18 kilometers per hour.

Climb to a high place. If chased by a dragon, go up to the house on stilts near you. Generally, buildings in this area are built in the form of houses on stilts. In this way, the Komodo dragon will have difficulty climbing stairs. However, be careful because Komodo dragons like to take shelter under buildings. Do not climb into trees because the one to two year old Komodo dragons are good at climbing trees. Komodo dragons of this age are forced to climb trees to avoid adult dragons. Komodo is a cannibal animal that can eat Komodo dragons weaker than himself.

  • Like a chameleon, silence is deceiving.

Be careful when walking. The figure of a Komodo dragon while sleeping is fleeting like dusty ground or dry logs. You might accidentally step on a Komodo dragon. If you meet a Komodo dragon in a reclining position, be careful. He is good at deceiving. In that unprepared position, he instead waits for the unsuspecting prey.

  • Don’t be loud and don’t use strong perfume.

Komodo has a sharp hearing and smell. Therefore, do not make a fuss when in a group. In addition, some rangers also advise not to wear perfume that is too strong because it can provoke the smell of Komodo dragons.

  • Menstruating women.

Komodo dragons are very sensitive to the smell of blood. If it smells blood, it will instinctively seek it out as prey. Therefore, women who are menstruating should report to a ranger. This is necessary so that the ranger can be on guard. Women who are menstruating can still do trekking. However, it should not be at the beginning of menstruation or in large quantities. Don’t start a fire. This area is very dry and barren. Therefore, do not smoke or light a fire. A spark can cause a fire in this area. The islands are indeed vulnerable to fire hazards.


  • Wear appropriate clothing.

Cotton clothes that absorb sweat are highly recommended to wear when trekking. The sun is very hot and the air is dry here. Also use sunblock and a hat. It’s a good idea to wear long pants and long sleeves. To make it easier when walking, use mountain sandals and sports shoes.


  • Buy souvenirs on Komodo Island.

If you really want to buy souvenirs, you should buy them on Komodo Island. Besides being more diverse than in Labuan Bajo, the price is also cheaper. Make souvenir buying events a mandatory agenda because this can help the local community’s economy. You can buy wooden statues in the shape of dragons in various sizes, pearl necklaces, and other wood carvings.

  • Bring the camera.

The thing that must be brought is of course a camera. Don’t hesitate to bring a tripod and telephoto lens because what you will be photographing is not only Komodo dragons, but also views from a height, rare birds, and other animals. If you have, also bring a waterproof camera that can be used in the depths of the sea. When visiting Komodo Island, it’s incomplete if you don’t experience snorkeling and diving.


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