Nowadays there are many types of rice and all those types have different names.  In a recipe sometimes its using white rice and other times brown rice. But what exactly is brown rice? Is it healthier than white rice nutritionally? How should you cook it? And do we have a nice recipe with it?

What is brown rice?

It is less polished or processed than other types of rice. A grain of rice consists of the flour body, the germ, the pericarp and the husk (the husk, also called paddy). With white rice, the husk, germ and pericarp are removed, but with the brown variety only the husk is removed. The germ and the pericarp remain on it and that gives the rice a slightly darker, brown color. For the same reason, we also call brown rice  or whole grain rice.


White vs Brown rice

Of course, differ in color, but also in taste and nutritional value. The variant with pericarp usually tastes somewhat nutty and is somewhat firmer than the white variants of pandan rice or basmati rice. They generally taste a bit more floral, stick a bit more. The membrane and the germ also contain various vitamins and minerals that are lost when making white rice.

brown rice
healthy lunch menu

Nutritional value

The nutritional value of brown rice is higher than that of white rice because the membrane also contains nutritional value. Although white rice is also rich in B vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and iron, the concentration in brown rice is slightly higher. In addition, thanks to that membrane, whole grain rice also contains more dietary fiber, so that you continue to feel full for longer. In addition, the same fibers stimulate good digestion. In short, a healthy choice!

How to cook brown rice: how?

Cooking brown rice is very easy. Measure first if necessary how much rice per person you need and put it in a pan. Add plenty of water, bring to a boil and turn the heat to low when the water is bubbling. Let the rice cook slowly. Depending on your rice, this often takes about 20 to 25 minutes. Check regularly whether the rice is already cooked and if so, drain it and return the grains to the pan. Let it steam for a few more minutes with the lid on the pan for a tasty, airy rice.

But that can be done a lot faster! Choose already pre-cooked  brown rice, which has reduced the preparation time considerably. You only have to put the rice in a pan with plenty of boiling water and cook it for 8 minutes, drain and let it steam dry for another 5 minutes with the lid on the pan. This way you are ready within fifteen minutes!

How much brown rice do you need?

On average you can need about 75 grams of uncooked rice per person, but that depends on the dish and whether you have big eaters at the table, for example. You can a little bag  take as a benchmark whether you read our blog ‘how many grams of rice per person do you need?’. This means you always have a meal with a responsible basis on your plate!

The best brown rice recipes

Brown or whole grain rice cooks nicely dry and stays nice and airy. It therefore fits perfectly in salads or in soups, but it can also simply be used in a stir-fry or wok dish. The possibilities are endless. View all our brown rice recipes or get inspired by our favorites below!

Chicken breast with pointed cabbage and cashew sauce

This one brown rice with chicken breast, cabbage and cashew sauce is ready quickly and contains a lot of healthy nutrients. Moreover, you can vary more, because you can also make this recipe with bok choy, endive or spinach instead of cabbage!

Spanish rice salad

Full of flavor and yet very light. The Spanish rice salad is full of vegetables, with the lemon and thyme leaves giving the whole a nice fresh touch. Ideal for summer. And with a little arugula it is also delicious as a lunch dish!

Nasi goreng (fried rice) with shrimp

Also one of our best fried rice recipes. There are many tasty ingredients in this well-filled fried rice: Chinese cabbage, green beans, spring onions and of course shrimp. Jumbo, wok or tiger prawns are all possible. All flavored with garlic, onion, curry and sweet soy wok sauce. That will be delicious!

shrimp fried rice
shrimp fried rice

Meatballs in mushroom sauce and broccoli

Meatballs. Always good. Just like Lassie. Add some healthy broccoli and serve them in a brown mushroom sauce and you have an instant classic that you can have on the table in just 20 minutes. The perfect example of how delicious simple cookies can be!

Tofu with Chinese cabbage

Super fast, super simple and super tasty. The recipe for tofu with chinese cabbage is one of our favorite brown rice recipes after a hard day’s work. Ready without hassle and on the table in no time. Oh, and vegetarian too. What else do you want?



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