How to Cooking Rice, Rice Cooker, Steam or Pan?

How to Cooking Rice, Rice Cooker, Steam or Pan?

Rice is an incredibly versatile product. Not only can you combine it with a lot of different seasonings and other ingredients, but you can also prepare it in all kinds of ways. The vast majority of people simply cook rice in the pan, but cooking rice in a rice cooker or steam oven is also becoming increasingly popular. Not surprising, because these are healthy and also quite easy preparations!

Yet we regularly get questions about it. How much water does the rice need in the rice cooker or in the pan? How long should it cook? And which types of rice are suitable for a rice cooker or steam oven? We are happy to answer it, so that you too can make the perfect rice. Regardless of where you do that now.

Cooking rice in a rice cooker

First, let’s get acquainted with the rice cooker (for those who don’t know it). It is a handy device that does exactly what its name suggests: cooking rice. But to perfection. Not too dry, not too wet and always nicely cooked. Exactly right. The manual will certainly explain exactly how yours works, but in general they all do it the same way.

Each set consists of a tube, inner pan and a lid. Whether or not with a plastic spoon and measuring cup to be able to stir the rice without any problems and use the correct amount of rice to measure. Anyway, the idea is the same with every model:

  • put the inner pan in the tube
  • put the rice in the pan
  • add (cold) water
  • put the lid on
  • turn on the rice cooker
  • In the meantime, cook or bake the rest of your vegetables, meat or fish
  • and enjoy a pan with perfect rice
rice cooker
an easy way to cooking rice

Automatically on the keep warm setting!

Cooking rice in the rice cooker is very simple. And you don’t have to worry about it burning, because most rice cookers turn off or switch to a ‘keep warm’ setting as soon as the rice is ready. So you don’t have to worry about anything anymore!

How much water?

On the stove you can cook your rice in a pan with (ample) water and drain. Cooking rice in the rice cooker works differently. There you have to measure the amount of water fairly accurately. Usually with 1.5 times as much water as rice you are completely fried. Or in this case cooked. The included measuring cup or alternatively a coffee cup can help you with this.

And which rice?

In principle, you can cook any type of rice in the rice cooker. However, how long the rice has to cook varies per grain. Brown rice or Brown rice after all, it takes a little longer to cook than, for example, sushi, pandan or basmati rice. It is also not recommended to prepare paella or risotto rice in the rice cooker. It’s even better to ‘just’ cook them in the pan!

Prepare rice in steam oven

You can also cook your rice in a steam oven. Very easy. Here, too, the rice cannot stick or boil over. First put the desired amount of rice in an ovenproof dish, bowl or pan. Add 1.5 times as much boiling or hot water and off you go, into your steam oven. That’s it. Do you have the time to pour yourself a glass of wine?

Tips & tricks

Keep in mind that the cooking time may take a little longer than you’re used to. You will need 25 minutes for about 100 grams of rice. You can also replace the water with stock or coconut milk for some extra flavor or add a piece of ginger, garlic or lemongrass stalk. And immediately steam your vegetables or fish. That saves washing up again!

Cooking rice in the pan

Don’t have a rice cooker or steam oven? Then you can of course just cook your rice in a pan. The easiest way is to cook the rice in a pan with plenty of water. Place the rice in a saucepan, add plenty of water and bring to the boil. Check after a while if the rice is already cooked. With our pre-cooked rice this is often after 8 minutes, otherwise it often takes 15 minutes.

cooking rice with pan
cooking rice in pan

Are the grains cooked? Beautiful. Then drain the rice, put it back in the pan and let it steam for a while with the lid on (5 minutes for our Brown Rice and 15 minutes for our Magic Rice). That way you get a dry and nice and airy portion of rice. Delicious to serve as a side dish or to top with a spicy sauce and some crunchy vegetables.

Tip: You can also steam the rice (in a steamer) or boil it dry, so you don’t have to drain it in a sieve and you better retain your vitamins and minerals.here how to do that!


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